Media Blasting

One of the most important tasks before any powder coating job is the blasting. Powder Coating adheres so much better to a Blasted surface than anything else. We use steel grit as our main media which is recycled after every use, The dust and waste particles are removed after each cycle ensuring the best possible finish for your items. We do all our Blasting in house, which means that we are in full control of your items throughout the entire process.                                                        

We Refurbish Alloy and Steel Wheels, Gates, Railings, Garden furniture and Household Items.

Cars, Motorcycles, Tractors and Bicycles we make a great job of all

We're very careful with the more delicate items

We Mask Area's That need to be protected

Our Huge Blasting Room takes care of all our blasting needs

Chassis are not a problem and makes life so much easier for restoration work